Programme Highlights

Topics for Main Sessions


Aura and CSD role in onset of headache or migraine
Brainstem aura
CGRP and other peptides
Genetic vs Environmental
Headache electrophysiology
Headache/migraine models in animals
Hypothalamus role in migraine
Neurobiology of migraine
Neuroimmunology, headache and mAbs
New models for headache research
Psychobiologic growth of migraine alongside development
The Blood Brain Barrier
Understanding migraine pathophysiology through anti-migraine drugs
Understanding novel anti-migraine molecule targets


Addiction and headache
Cephalic and non-cephalic pains in adolescents and adults
Chronic pain vs chronic migraine/headache
Cluster headache
Geography of chronic migraine, interval headache and medication overuse Imaging
Headache and gender
Is migraine associated with structural brain changes?
Migraine as a risk factor for acute neurovascular disorders
Migraine fluctuations overtime
Migraine is different in children vs adult
Occipital headache
Post-traumatic headache
Spontaneous intracranial hypotension
The comorbidity between migraine and epilepsy
The problem with migraine triggers


Emerging targets for treatment – apart from CGRP
Endocannabinoid system and marijuana science: clinical benefit
Expectation role in treatment
Guidelines on mAbs in migraine
Guidelines on OnabotulinumtoxinA in migraine
How to manage headaches in the elderly
Management of secondary headache disorders
Market placement of migraine medications
Neuropharmacology of migraine
Pharmacovigilance and personalized medicine: missing pages
Physical therapies and expectative in headaches